Taj Club House

At my last office, I had worked on quite some creatives of Taj Club House. But as luck would have it, I stepped into the hotel to have my celebration dinner (or being-miserable-and-making-the-best-friend-take-me-out- dinner)  the day I quit the office. I had passed by the hotel many times before that and wondered how such a cubby hole can be a star hotel, that too Taj's and none less. :O

Anyhow, back to the point. So one fine day, I was there moping being miserable in general and texting my close friend that I needed some company. The said friend texted back late in the evening as "Get dressed for a drink". What??! What do you confer from that? Dress like a drink? Or drink and dress? or.... Okay in my then miserable state I was all for getting wasted and shouting obscenity at random people. Sigh!!

I dressed up in a short skirt and blouse and off we went to Taj Club House. The plan was to have a quick dinner at the Cafe (or was it Club House?) and move to Opium or Pasha for some mindless dancing and booze.  It is a 24 * 7 buffet with a good spread. By good, I mean good, not great or awesome or anything extraordinary.

The salads had Corn, different vegetables, spinach, broccoli and peanut chat. I am of course quoting from memory but I am sure there wasn't anything much to speak. The non-vegetarian section had a good array of cold cuts. Salami, ham, tuna, chorizo, two types of sausages and so on. Bread spread was good only too hard for my taste. There was one soft bread but it was sourdough :| Choice of cheese was nice though. You had nice cuts of smoked, emmentaler, cheddar and goat cheese.

Then the starters. I had ordered a plate of barbecued prawns. Only they arrived deep fried in oil with no seasoning on them. I didn't quite like the taste either. Mind you, I love my prawns cooked delicately and just right. This was overcooked and rubbery :(  My friend got a plate of stewed vegetables in Chilly-Barbecue-sauce-concoction and it was brilliant. So was this plate of Prawns, succulent and right... Booohooo :(

With that, I ditched having any other starters and went for the mains. And guess what, the soups were placed near the mains. *facepalm* I expected in after the salads and before the starters. Or may be I am wrong.  Anyway, only 2 soups were on the offer (tomato and some chicken cream soup) so I gave it a pass.

Main course had two cuisines, Chinese and Indian. The miserable state I was in, I definitely craved for soul comforting Indian food. None of the Noodles, Fried rice would do the charm as much as a spiced rice and dal would do for me. Anyhow, I sprinted over to Indian section and loaded my plate with Beef something, Mutton Rogan ghosh, Chicken Chettinad, Yellow dal and Biriyani. Everything was splendid. The curd rice and dal rice which followed was the exact comfort food I was looking for. A bowl of that curd rice and I will be in heaven :D

Then came the Desserts. There were seasonal fruits like Mango (oooooooooooh), musk melon, water melon,  papaya, apples and so on. Loaded my plate with MANGOES! :-D Then I took some profiteroles (Bad choice, they still need to perfect how to make this choux pastry), blackberry panacotta (again bad choice, it was too sour for my palate), chocolate mousse cake and Malpua!! now this is a dessert that topped every other flaw the buffet had. YAY!

Given it was a buffet, can't say much about service. But when I sat down with my dessert plate, a waitress came over asking if I would like some Ice cream. THAT I Like!!! :-D

When we talk about drinks, I had ordered for Vodka and orange juice. For a refill I asked just for Orange juice. The waiter asked me at least 4 times if I needed Vodka again in-spite of me declining alcohol. What the?? hahahahaha. :-D

An evening well spent. We did go pup-hopping post that..It was pretty late by then and none of them were open. But it is a story for another day...

Where: Taj Club House is on the Club House Road (Just off Mount Road). Phone no: 044-6631313.

How much: Rs 1,500/- per person.

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